What a blast we had at eMerge Americas!


These couple of days in sunny Miami were an exciting journey of #Innovation and inspiration, powered by the best hashtag#Networking in town. From #AI and #VR to #QuatumComputing and #Robotics, we have the chance to witness (and test) some of the freshest and most disruptive technologies of today. The best part? We were truly amazed […]

Investment in LATAM IT services will rise to USD 81.2 billion this year

Undeniably, future months’ events will be critical for the global economy and businesses hashtag#GrowthStrategies. Among all the potential courses of action for US companies to face the challenge, #Outsourcing high-skilled tech talent from no-conflict zones is a solid opportunity to redress the tight labor market up north. And yes, you’ve guessed it right: location is […]

Innovation Tech Week

Innovation Tech Week

Last week was truly amazing. To see the Argentinean tech ecosystem at its prime was impressive. We are still astounded by what happened. We had the opportunity to assist to some of the finest tech events in Buenos Aires (“Game Changers” by Startup Grind, “Innovation Fest BA 2024” by LAZO ENTERPRISE USA CORP, Startups Latam […]

Magnify your Systems Development Life Cycle with the power of AI.

The impact of #ArtificialIntelligence across all industries is a hot topic right now, and it is for a reason. When building and delivering software, AI is proving to be an incredible source of creativity, efficiency, and also well-being for on-site and distributed teams. The entire #SystemsDevelopmentLifeCycle is being reinvented by this groundbreaking technology. From Requirements […]