Innovation Tech Week

Innovation Tech Week

Last week was truly amazing. To see the Argentinean tech ecosystem at its prime was impressive. We are still astounded by what happened.

We had the opportunity to assist to some of the finest tech events in Buenos Aires (“Game Changers” by Startup Grind, “Innovation Fest BA 2024” by LAZO ENTERPRISE USA CORP, Startups Latam and CFOstartup, and “SmartMoney” by Sherpa and SquadS Ventures, to name a few), all combined in 5 flawless days, and connect with outstanding innovators and entrepreneurs from Argentina and the region.

Can’t say this enough: the local #TechCommunity is extraordinary. It was nice to see some familiar faces and meet new colleagues, listen to their inspiring stories, and get to know a lot of promising business ideas.

Here are some photos of one of the highlights of the week, the Endeavor Experience, organized by Endeavor Argentina.

Already looking forward to the next edition. Let’s keep this ball rolling!

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