Investment in LATAM IT services will rise to USD 81.2 billion this year

Undeniably, future months’ events will be critical for the global economy and businesses hashtag#GrowthStrategies.

Among all the potential courses of action for US companies to face the challenge, #Outsourcing high-skilled tech talent from no-conflict zones is a solid opportunity to redress the tight labor market up north.

And yes, you’ve guessed it right: location is king.

Companies are choosing #LATAM as an unmatched region to maximize their ROI and #DeRisk their team development strategy. Why?

It’s commonly assumed that other regions have more economic outsourcing options.

But beware of this approach. It can compromise:

⚠️ Efficiency, due to the geo-cultural gap
⚠️ Compliance, on account of inconsistent regulatory frameworks

Here are some clear-cut facts on why LATAM offers the ultimate fit assurance for your US-based project.

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