An innovative approach to healthcare AI-powered platforms

The client

Founded by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, InsideTracker is an all-in-one personal health analytics dashboard that evaluates people’s state of health, providing science-backed recommendations and tracking progress. With it, users can unlock the power of their bodies’ data, going well beyond annual blood work.

The milestone

InsideTracker’s iOS app offers top-notch UX, defined by stability and accessibility. Thanks to its partnership with Andina, InsideTracker is able to refine its cutting-edge AI-powered platform and stay true to its mission of delivering personalized, measurable and actionable insights to users, making the world a healthier place.

The journey

They partnered with Andina to develop the InsideTracker app, a mobile solution that eliminates guesswork by recommending science-based wellness plans fueled by real-time data from IoT devices. Andina’s LATAM pros jumped in as a core team extension, providing innovative solutions and building a bridge between existing team members.
  • Comprehensive iOS architecture and development of the InsideTracker app
  • R+D nearshoring team extension for PoC creation and new functionalities testing
  • Re-design and upgrading of core features such as DNA, First Responders, Insulin, DeepDive, Optimización Web and Mobile Health Integration

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