Modernizing the way to build trust in digital communities

The client

GlueUp is an all-in-one CRM created to transform membership management. Built with digital tools designed to grow communities, GlueUp software aims to increase retention rate and skyrocket member acquisition by automating processes, expanding reach and establishing a culture of engagement.

The milestone

GlueUp started as a simple event system. For the last ten years, it’s been evolving worldwide into a sophisticated universe of tools to connect people. Thanks to Andina’s support, the whole GlueUp family of products and features enjoys a fully updated central core, being able to deliver a premium, flexible and seamless experience to its users.

The journey

GlueUp has a wide range of products built to empower organizational and community growth. They partnered with Andina to face the challenge of upgrading a +10 years old platform with the goal of making its products easier to scale and maintain. Andina’s experts put their know-how into work to give GlueUp a state-of-the-art brand new core architecture.
  • Development of GlueUp’s entire set of applications, based on React technology
  • Extensive feature design and migration according to React’s newest version
  • Coordination of team efforts across multiple timezones (Europe, Asia, Americas)

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Glue Up

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